Regina Sturrock Design
'New' Century Home

'New' Century Home

Nestled among other Victorian beauties that line a quiet picturesque street, this circa 1870 century home holds onto its historic integrity with a bright and modern layering.

The design process began at the ‘character roots’ and it would be our job to restore, re-imagine, and renew, blending what was then and what is now into one closely tied lineage. 'New' old-world elements from encaustic tiles, tin ceilings, and oiled floorboards to custom fretwork on exterior gables, would pay homage to nineteenth century tradition. We surrounded classically-inspired mouldings around original carved ceiling medallions and the old precarious staircase was dutifully brought back to life through both restoration and in compliance with today’s codes.

Bringing in the light was a key directive and large window walls to the gardens would be among the most-loved features. Intuitively, a soft watery palette accented with sophisticated and saturated pastels seemed to open the old house up with a fresh new charm. Vibrant art and contemporary figurative sculpture would make all come to life.

Today, it would be difficult to pinpoint what was original and what was additional. Herein lies the beauty. This home embraces the spirit of reinvention and will continue to do so as it grows along with the family who loves it.