Regina Sturrock Design

Artist Series for W Studio

It was a pleasure and career highlight to create for W Studio Carpets. My watercolour series born from my travels to India was translated into fine carpet weaves. Inspired by the old-world masters, re-interpreted onto canvas, and realized by today's masters, this carpet collection is a full-circle creation.

Art and the spirit of beauty are a life passion for Regina Sturrock, founder and principal of internationally-acclaimed, Regina Sturrock Design. They find a place both in the holistic interiors her firm creates around the world and within her watercolour canvases.

As a painter, Regina's affinity for art and design manifested early, each informing the other. She feeds her creativity with travel, finding inspiration in the architecture, fashion, and history of the world's major design centers, where art is a part of everyday life.

Her design firm's recent work in India has brought with it rich new perspectives and insights. Regina's travels to this exotic world of colour and masterful craft are the inspiration for her latest watercolour collection for WStudio. Impressions of the finest sari weaves, colourful pietre dure of semiprecious stones, and subtle vestiges of woodblock patterns are translated into fluid renditions of old world artistry.

Lazuli Sky

Inspired by the luxury weaves and fine embroideries of the sari and semiprecious stones of lapis lazuli and amethyst.

Lazuli Sky inspiration
Lazuli Sky watercolour
Original Watercolour
Lazuli Sky carpet
Artist Series - W Studio

Mystic Garden

Inspired by the hand craft of delicate woodblock patterns and a beautiful vessel of moss agate - Mystic Garden

Mystic Garden inspiration
Mystic Garden watercolour
Original Watercolour
Mystic Garden carpet
Artist Series - W Studio

Jade Coast

Inspired by earth and water elements and pietre dure of jade, emerald and amazonite.

Jade Coast inspiration
Jade Coast watercolour
Original Watercolour
Jade Coast carpet
Artist Series - W Studio

Elysian Path

Inspired by old world artistry in tracery, luminous embroidery, and the purity of Angelite.

Elysian Path inspiration
Elysian Path watercolour
Original Watercolour
Elysian Path carpet
Artist Series - W Studio